St. Peter's Basilica

The visit

St. Peter’s Basilica, the true heart of Christianity, the seat of Pontiffs, is the place where faith, history and art come together in a unique synthesis of majesty and beauty. You will be amazed by the centuries-old history of this place, which began with the first shrine built over Peter’s tomb, was continued with Constantine’s construction of the basilica, up to what we now see, the result of the prophetic vision of the Renaissance Popes and the 1600s.

We will visit all the sights, the naves, the chapels and the works of art contained within, where the talent and imagination of great artists (Michelangelo, Bernini and Raphael, to name a few) have been expressed to the best of human potential. Inside every monument, we will also find the living history of men, popes, saints and artists who have dedicated their lives to the Church and to spreading the Christian message.

You can either tour the Basilica with the help of an audio guide packed with detailed information and interesting anecdotes, or choose a guided tour, in which you will be accompanied by a guide who will thoroughly explain the basilica’s history and artistic masterpieces.

A bit of history ...

The reason why, over the centuries, a Roman emperor and 18 popes have devoted their efforts to building St. Peter's Basilica lies in what it holds in its heart, buried among the magnificent architectural structures: the humble, simple tomb of Peter, the fisherman of Galilee, the Vicar of Christ, the first Pope of Rome. During the fierce persecution of Nero, Peter was crucified on the Vatican hill and buried by the Christian community, which he founded and sustained through evangelization. His tomb is still intact under the Papal altar, placed directly above his grave. So, by visiting the great naves and works of art created by the greatest artists of all time, everything speaks to us of Peter and his evangelization, and will lead us to him.