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Retrace the destinations of the Bible! 

These pilgrimages retrace the destinations of the Bible, the Fathers of the Church, and places related to the life of St. Paul. This vast geographic area, made up of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, is known as The Holy Land and embraces different religions, styles of life and countries:

Israel and the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Malta, Tunisia, and Cyprus.

These places are mentioned in the Old and New Testaments as sites where the mystery of the encounter between God and human beings became manifested.

One of these sites in particular represents the heart of Christianity, because is from there that the Gospel began: Jerusalem.

Goethe said, “If you want to know the spirit of a man you should know his land.” To understand the Bible and Jesus is necessary to know the land where the main events of His life took place. Our faith it is not based on abstract theories, but on a God who became a human being, died and was resurrected in a specific time and place in history.

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