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Walking Paths

A Tau, a pair of sandals, a satchel…

Small things, small simple gestures. These ancient itineraries are open to those who want to discover a different way to experience nature and people. Using the methodology of slow tourism, we have activated along the Santiago Pathway, the Roads to Rome including Assisi, and the Road to Jerusalem, journeys on foot, by horse and by bike. Created with the intention to promote and value the ancient roads of pilgrimages, this type of pilgrimage is in harmony with nature and the people who live locally.

The human body plays an important role during any pilgrimage, as some physical sacrifice is required to fully experience this kind of journey. Long walks in silence can activate in us a different perception of the body can help us reconnect to the innermost part of ourselves.

“We must rediscover the fruitfulness of the silence for overtaking the dissipation of sounds that too often prevent us from hearing the voice of God.” John Paul II”

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