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The Ways Of The Faith In Europe

Religious and cultural experiences : 

Retracing John Paul II’s life in Poland, exploring the Russian iconographic tradition in Moscow and St. Petersburg, visiting the Marian sanctuaries in Spain, Portugal and France: these are some of the pathways of faith that include an extraordinary number of shrines scattered throughout Europe. In these sacred spaces we learn how to listen, how to open ourselves to God’s guidance. “My temple will be the house of prayer for all peoples.” (Isaiah 56.7).

These itineraries also represent an opportunity to discover the European culture, art and history that have developed into a complex phenomenon of widely ranging philosophies, Christian thought, and secular humanism. Constantly assisted by our pastoral guides we witness these places through the Light of the Word of God. A moment of listening, a time for conversion—participating in a pilgrimage always means going towards the destination of converging one’s personal history with the story of Salvation.

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