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chief locations :

The Marian Sanctuaries
The Marian Sanctuaries: Fatima, Santiago and Lourdes are among the few places in the world where everyone can find some kind of shelter. Visiting these sanctuaries with a receptive attitude and an open heart allows the potential of our own inner peace to surface, one which quenches every storm and calms the most anguished heart. Mary offers the warmest motherly joy to all who visit her. These shrines represent the home of the Mother and the seat of unconditional love, a place where no one is refused acceptance or denied forgiveness.

Christian Rome
An embrace which extends over the heart, mind and soul is how Rome welcomes all those who for centuries have traveled long roads to reach the cradle of Christianity. The Basilica of St. Peter, the Sistine Chapel, the catacombs, and even the Coliseum are the places of Christianity in the eternal city that each Catholic is called upon to visit at least once in his or her lifetime

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