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Sharing daily bread, doubt, gratitude, songs & prayers

The destinations of Missionary Itineraries often lead to  some corner of the world where people live in a very simple way, where real values and basic needs are their daily bread. We will be encountering missionaries and learning about their charitable works and efforts to spread a message of peace and solidarity among people. We may share in some ordinary life at an orphanage in a Kathmandu valley, Nepal,  India, or a remote village in Mexico, offering our simple help by cooking, cleaning, singing, reading, or teaching art and music to children.

The Interfaith Connections experience offers an opportunity to understand religious heritages, to appreciate each other’s spiritual values and to better inter-ethnic relations and peace throughout the world. We focus on moments of sharing with representatives of the local faith and  theircommunities. During these gatherings pilgrims are welcome to ask questions, to share doubt, gratitude, songs and prayers.  We believe that positive interactions between people who belong to different religious traditions and spiritual beliefs can help increase acceptance of the other.

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