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Footsteps of Mr. Gurdjieff: Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan

chief locations :

This trip is a pilgrimage, an inner journey into essence and contact with the “cave of the heart.” For anyone who was been in­volved in the Fourth Way, much of what we study and work with comes from Central Asia and in particular the heart of Central Asia, Bukhara and Samarkand. We will work deeply with the heart and the soul of these teachings. This is an event of potential transfor­mation; an opening of our hearts to humility, presence and a con­tact with the higher.

Inspired by one of the remarkable journeys of G.I. Gurdjieff, this pilgrimage has the intention to reconnect with the ancient Sufi Masters who lived in the area and who attracted seekers of the “Truth” such as Gurdjieff.

As part of our inner and outer journey we will meet local people and share meals together, to appreciate the simplicity and authen­ticity of their lives.

Turkmenistan has been one of the most visited and mysterious countries of Central Asia, now attracting travelers from all over the world. It is the land of rich for distinctive traditions, picturesque landscapes, and unique historical sites.

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