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Indo China Pilgrimage

chief locations :

Bangkok * Siam Reap * Ho Chi Minh City * Hoi An * Hue * Hanoi * Halong Bay * LuangPrabang

This trip puts you in the centre of action to soak up the best of Southeast Asia on this 16-days adventure through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos! A must do for the arts, crafts, culture and history buffs.

Start your trip in Bangkok, a jewel of the region, and exciting city of contrasts. Fly to SiemReap, visit Tonle Sap... to watch a peaceful and simple lifestyle of Cambodians. Travel the coast of Vietnam, from Ho Chi Minh's bustling to Hanoi's historic French Quarter. Complete your trip in Luang Prabang - the cultural heritage of Laos.

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