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Scenic Vietnam & Cambodia

chief locations :

A colorful picture of Vietnam across South, Central and North is going to open up before your eyes. It is filled with natural scenery as well as historical and cultural footprints many of which are classified as world heritages.

Observe the interesting mixture of old and new of fast-moving Ho Chi Minh City and learn about the Vietnam War there from the local war museum as well as the unimaginable underground tunnels of Cu Chi. Watch a lively floating market and interact with warm-hearted villagers in the canal-ridden Mekong Delta. Feel the souls of the ancient cities of Hoi An, Hue and Hanoi through stories of a long mystic past and the unique architecture of houses, bridges, citadels, temples, pagodas and tombs. A boat ride on Perfume River in Hue and a water puppet show in Hanoi will add to your impressions of Vietnam’s former and current capitals. Last but not least, blend in the heavenly sight of thousands of karst islets in Ha Long bay while cruising, swimming and relaxing on board of a junk boat. Not only seeing the picture, you are part of it.

Go on to visit Cambodia which is a country of contrasts – especially so in its friendly capital Siem Reap. A visit to the largest religious monument in the world – the temple complex of AnkorWat – which is spread over 200 acres - will leave you wonderstruck.


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