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Artur Karapetyan


If you are looking for a person who can inspire you, here is an ideal model for all of us. Artur’s unbelievable story can motivate and work as a driving force for many. A person who started everything from zero never getting tired of learning, being always innovative and enthusiastic, kind and caring for each member of his company. Due to his highly knowledgeable and generous nature of sharing his experience and skills with others, Artur has become a dream model for many of his staff members.

Having graduated from both Gevorkian Theological Seminary and Psychology department of Yerevan State University, Artur initiated and founded Fairyland LLC in 2008 which was mostly focused on incoming tourism as well as international freight forwarding. In 2017 Feel Armenia brand was separated as a premium travel service provider in Armenia, Georgia and this year we celebrated the foundation of Feel Israel as well. And this is just the start.

Artur Karapetyan
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