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Dr. Sailesh Tripathi


Dr. Tripathi is a highly knowledgeable intellectual with a PhD in Archeology. His deep knowledge of Hinduism, Jainism and Tibetan Buddhism makes him an ideal person to give you comparative analysis of these great religions of India.

 His 52 years of age belies his knowledge and understanding of these religions, but with a rich experience of 28 years of being a scholar guide, he will give an enriching and holistic approach. He is widely travelled across the world and is also a visiting lecturer in a few universities, prominent in those being the well known Benaras Hindu University, Kashi Vidya Peeth and the prestigious Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath. Hailing from a family of renowned Astrologers, Dr. Tripathi is himself a well known Astrologer. A regular at the various Astrology conferences across the world, his peers recognize some special qualities in him which he very reverentially says is a gift from his guru – Sivananda Ji Maharaj.

Dr. Sailesh Tripathi
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