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Mr. Dorje Namgyal


Mr. Namgyal is a well known Bhoti teacher teaching in the top educational institute in Ladakh with more than 19 years of teaching experience. He has earned the degree of post graduation from Punjab University.He is well known for being a resource person on teachings of buddhism and is a regular on talk shows, lectures and radio / TV discussions  on the religion. With a diploma in Buddhism from the Kagyud Institute at Dehradun in India, his deep knowledge in Hinayana, Mahayan, Vajrayana and the Five Branches of Tibetan Buddhism makes him a very sought after guide scholar.He has conducted classes for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students on Buddhism for 7 years. His knowledge of the monasteries of Ladakh, Lahoul and Spiti and Dharamsala is complete.

He considers HH The Dalai Lama as his spiritual guru, besides HH The Drikung Cetsang Rimpoche, his eminent Thinley Nurboo Rimpoche Khenchen Konchok Gyaltson Rinpoche and   Prof. Wanghuk Dorjey Negi as his gurus.  Mr. Namgyal is 47 years old and resides in Leh ( Ladakh)

Mr. Dorje Namgyal
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