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Shavkat Khodjaev


Shavkat graduated from the Tashkent State Economics University. He also studied at Istanbul University and Universitaire Faculteiten Sint-Ignatius (Belgium). He has working experience in the Siemens AG representative office in Tashkent. He is a polyglot, speaks English, German, Russian, Uzbek, Turkish and Flemish.

He would like to learn French, a beautiful language. He is responsible for correspondence with tourists and tours organization. He is best at working: he never misses work, never gets sick and is never late. There is nothing better than preparing shashlik on mountain trips, thinks Shavkat. And a bonus to that would be, the perfectly visible Milky Way in the mountains sky as it is described in the astrology textbooks. Every resident of this planet needs to be at least once in Samarkand, the symbol of Uzbekistan, says Shavkat. It is interesting that some guests compare Uzbekistan to Iran seeing the similarity of the buildings. He prefers Uzbekistan to any country with Tashkent as his favourite city; a beautiful city and a country where it is good to live.

Polyglot Khodjaev as a child wished to be a pilot. If he had a chance he would travel to Burundi; an interesting country of an interesting continent. Shavkat loves autumn, season of fruits when it’s not too warm. In friends, he values most loyalty and cheerfulness.

Shavkat Khodjaev
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