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Sherif Fahmy


Sharif is a licensed Egyptologist and tour guide, born and raised in Cairo, studied at the school of archaeology and history, with around ten years experience in the field.

Since he was a kid i started travelling around Egypt and exploring the beauty of it, caught himself dreaming of showing Egypt to the world. After three years of being professional guide, he started travelling the world, his passion was to explore, get exposed to other cultures and dig deeper in the travel industry.

He has lived in few countries around the world United States, the Gulf , France , Amsterdam , mainly London, UK, which enabled him to run few tours at the Egyptian hall of the British museum.Loaded with lots of thoughts and ideas, he decided to come back to Egypt and bring all what he has learnt to my clientSherif believe travelling can bring the best out of us through exploring and connecting with different cultures. Through traveling we develop and change and appreciate life more and everything it offers .

Sherif Fahmy
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