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Having graduated from Armenian State Pedagogical University and passing many years on finishing a PhD in Language teaching methodology, her passion in life remained the same – Travel. Travel took her away to the most beautiful and hidden corners of Armenia this way, immersing her more and more into the endless history and mysteries of the Armenian Highlands.

Tamara Matevosyan inspired many travellers with her stories and legends filling their trips with deep cultural experiences. Due to her immense love for nature, a strong sense of humour, and obsession with different cultures Tamara takes you deep into the roots of Armenian culture this way revealing to you all the colours of the country.

Now she not only travels but also tries to get her message to everyone who is still in search of something new and different. Her deep love for travel made her reflect on the company’s sustainability strategy as well and develop more thoughtful travel products without spoiling the whole fire of cultural immersion.

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