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In The Footsteps Of The Siddhas with Daniel Lumera (in Italian)

chief locations :

South India - Chennai - Tiruvannamalai-Chidambaram-Kumbakonam-Madurai-Kerala-

Constantly guided by an authentic inner search, one of the rare ones, which burns the whole being, which pushes him beyond the fallacious limits of the mind, giving himself daily to practice and sharing, Daniel Lumera invites on his pilgrimage "In The Footsteps of the Siddhas" to anyone who wants to place himself in a state of total availability to life, openness to the Inviolate, to what manifests itself, without hindering it.
An extraordinary opportunity to accompany in practice a man who has been totally dedicated to the service of Life for years.

The 18 Siddhas are a group of saints and yogis who are said to have attained enlightenment and immortality through the practice of yoga and meditation. According to Indian tradition, the Siddhas have developed special powers such as levitation and telepathy.

This pilgrimage follows in the footsteps of the Siddhas. We will visit places where they reached the state of Jeeva Samadhi, sacred places dedicated to them or where is possible to feel their presence. Within this special energetic framework, we will meet very interesting people, we will do prayers and pujas for our groups in special temples and places of infinite blessings and peace.

All this will have the possibility to manifest in its full magnificence only if one opens oneself fully and completely to Life and to the Unknown.

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